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2017 Updates from the Department of Public Works:

Stop and Yield street signs are being replaced if they are faded or damaged. 

Crews are tree trimming within the city right of way to clear low hanging branches that are hanging into the street or covering street signs. (Pictured below is our DPW crew cleaning up after the March 2017 wind storm). 


Updates are being made to the St. Johns Storage Building located at 313 N. Lansing street. The south and north steel wall were removed. Some of the wood structure was replaced on the second and third floor. A new roof will be installed, weather pending. Electricity was connected to the building in March. 


2016 Updates from the Department of Public Works:

Sidewalk Program

6,100 square feet of sidewalk was replaced

2,829 square feet of sidewalk for reimbursement

Tree Program

26 Hazardous trees were removed

20 Trees were trimmed 

Bag Collection Program

24,369 brown yard waste bags were collected throughout the year

15 Catch basin were repaired